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Who We Are

Mejhoul Date King is an agricultural company operating in the Coachella Valley of Southern California and the Mexicali Valley of Baja California, Mexico. We specializes in the production of date palm fruits well as various food products derived from these fruits. Mejhoul Date King utilizes the latest in sustainable technology and organic growing practices to maximize the productivity of our ranch.

We share these techniques with growers and agricultural professionals in the region to help spur this growing industry. Mejhoul Date King is a family-owned and operated company with the goal of promoting artisanal food products from the Coachella and Mexicali Valley across the world. Mehjoul Date King also provides a means of distributing artisanal grower’s goods to expanded markets through online platforms, marketing and sales to markets to the US and abroad.

All our products are locally sourced, both organic and conventional and produced by small, often family-owned operations.  


Mejhoul Date King believes believe it’s our mission to contribute to the growth of the agricultural industry through the promotion of date fruits, to foster working relationships within growers and find new markets for these products. 


The vision of Mejhoul Date King is to support the people that grow our food, to be a vehicle for the advancement of the latest technological farming practices to feed the world with quality, sustainable foods. 


Fostering an atmosphere that encourages mutual respect, an integrity of one’s work and a  concern for the needs of others.


Through hard work and consistency, create a culture that advocates social responsibility and supports the stewardship of a common good.


Emphasizing quality production through a means that understands and works symbiotically with the natural resources that are around us in a renewable fashion.

Meet the Team at Mejhoul Date King

We are honored to serve our community with events and educational agriculture programs for children and young adults. In addition, our facilities receive visits from schools, universities and international institutions interested in the cultivation of date fruits. Additionally Mejhoul Date King offers specialized seminars in the cultivation of quality, high-yield date palm trees.

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Naty Jaime

President & Founder

Has over 35 years of experience in the ag industry. He earned his bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the Autonomous University of Baja California and has been actively involved in the development of growing and harvesting practices from northern Mexico to the Central Valleys of California through his ag companies. Mr. Jaime is a graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership program. He has been a leading figure in the development of the agritourism industry in the Mexicali Valley and has been a leader in providing seminars and consulting on date palm tree production, among other topics, to growers in Southern California and Baja California.

Naty Jaime is the recipient of the 2022 and 2023 Khalifa International Aware for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation Award.

Hafid Jaime.jpg

Hafid Jaime

Vice President

Hafid Jaime has 10 years of experience in the agricultural industry. He has a degree in agribusiness with certificates in environmental horticulture, pest management and plant nutrition. He has applied this knowledge and developed a career as a logistics specialist for agricultural companies that focus on effective cultivation techniques, advising on mechanical and technical practices, as well as supervising harvest logistics and field work. His dedicated work philosophy and critical problem solving has generated millions of dollars in revenue for the companies he works for over the past decade.

Josahan Jaime-Sambrano.jpg



Sales & Marketing

Has 15 years of experience in business administration. She has a bachelor’s degree from the Texas A&M University, managed specialty stores for 10 years and was the director of programming for a large-scale sports complex. She has a background in marketing, strategic planning, event management, project development. Her background includes searching for new markets, developing quality customer service experiences. She has 11 years of experience as a competitive archery coach and uses her experience in creating high performance programs to lead training projects tasked with fostering leadership and teamwork in agribusinesses.

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